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While Linux is usable on all T2 models, some features are limited by lack of drivers or similar. This page should give a general overview of what is working and what is not.


  • Interal Drive / SSD: Support for the SSD has been upstreamed to the Linux Kernel
  • Screen
  • USB
  • Keyboard
  • Camera

Partially Working

  • Trackpad: While technically working, it is far from the experience on macOS
  • Touchbar: There is support for the so called simple mode, the same that you would see on Bootcamp Windows for example. Either kunction keys from 1 to 12 or basic media / brightness control are shown.
  • Audio: With proper configuration audio can work, however it is not stable in some situations and switching speakers and the headphone jack only works manually
  • Wifi: Only works on Models that shipped with macOS Mojave installed as that was the last version to ship with a standard format for firmware binaries

    Note: There has been success in getting newer firmware to work with specific custom kernel patches, this is still in development.

  • Suspend

Not working

  • Touch ID


  • File Systems: Linux can't mount APFS partitions nor can macOS mount ext4.