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Welcome to the t2linux wiki!

This wiki contains knowledge about running Linux on Macs with the T2 chip. A list of those devices can be found on Apple's website.


  • Some kernel versions, notably 5.8.x and 5.9.x are known to have issues. See the releases (those not marked as a pre-release) of aunali1/linux-mbp-arch for ones that have been tested. Keep in mind that some might very have reached their end of life.
  • Newer versions of iwd currently have issues with non Big Sur patched kernels due to certain p2p related checks missing. If you are experiencing connection issues after following the wifi guide you might want to downgrade to version 1.13 and hold updates for the package.
  • Ubuntu's GRUB is not booting using the Mac Startup Manager on Mac Mini. Thus Mac Mini users are advised to install the rEFInd bootloader and boot GRUB using it instead of the Startup Manager.

Getting started

To get started with an installation, refer to the roadmap

Contact us

You may contact us on the Linux on T2 Macs (2018+) Discord Server, where you can find most of the people involved.

Notable Resources


Different distributions are maintained by different people in their own repositories. If the distribution you want to use has a guide here, its recommended to follow it instead of the instructions given in one of the repositories or otherwise official documentation by distribution vendor, as it considers t2 support.

Kernel Modules

Support for hardware is cross distro besides patches to the distribution specific kernel. The following repos contain kernel modules for said support.

Guides and similar

Note that if you are using one of the distributions listed above you should follow their install guides rather than the ones listed under this section. However they might still be important to gain a better general picture or to help with specific issues.


Notable Contributors

... and many more