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Welcome to the t2linux wiki!

This wiki contains knowledge about running Linux on Macs with the T2 chip. A list of those devices can be found on Apple's website.


  • Kernel versions 5.8.x and 5.9.x are considered in-development builds and should not be used due to issues from within the kernel and the init system. Currently well tested are the older 5.7.19 as well as the currently stable 5.10.x.
  • It is highly recommended that you use the stock Apple boot manager for all distributions, other boot managers like rEFInd have been known to cause issues.

Notable Resources

In general you can find most of the people involved on the Linux on T2 Macs (2018+) Discord Server, making it probably the most helpful and important resource of all.


Different distributions are maintained by different people in their own repositories. Still more detailed or just different documentation about certain distributions might also be found here

Kernel Modules

Support for hardware is cross distro besides patches to the distribution specific kernel. The following repos contain kernel modules for said support.

Guides and similar

Note that if you are using one of the distributions listed above you should follow their install guides rather than the ones listed under this section. However they might still be important to gain a better general picture or to help with specific issues.


Notable Contributors

... and many more