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Updating Kernel

linux-mbp can be updated with sudo pacman -Syu, however it currently hasn't been updated for a while, so you may want to install a newer kernel that will work with OTP firmware selection.

Download the .pkg.tar.zst files from here (you can skip the "docs" one), and run sudo pacman -U path/to/pkg.tar.zsg path/to/other/pkg.tar.zst. This kernel already includes apple-ibridge and apple-bce so the dkms versions of those modules are optional.

You can also use releases from or (Doesn't yet support OTP firmware selection). These won't have apple-bce and apple-ibridge included, so make sure dkms installs those modules for the new kernels if you need them (refer to the dkms guide for this).

Building Kernel

git clone
cd mbp-16.1-linux-wifi
makepkg -si

You can instead clone the other repos mentioned under Updating Kernel. You may need to change the folder you cd into.