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Download the latest safe release

Many thanks to Mike for building. You can download a live iso from Mikeeq here.

If you need a more updated kernel, use the iso from sharpenedblade. Remember to follow the Wi-Fi guide.

Hardware Requirements

  • USB-C to USB adapter. Important: different USB-C to USB adapters work differently - if you're stuck before getting to the graphical UI during boot this may be the problem.

Install Procedure

(These instructions are re-used from the Manjaro installation guide)

  1. Follow the Pre-Install guide.
  2. Once booted into Fedora, follow the Wi-Fi guide.
  3. Use the installer like normal until you get to the partitioning step.
  4. When you get to partitioning, click on the manual partitioning option. Find the partition you made before by following the pre-install guide. MAKE SURE TO SELECT THE RIGHT PARTITION OR ELSE YOUR DATA WILL BE LOST. Delete it to make free space.
  5. Click on the automatically create mount points option.
  6. Continue with the rest of the installation.
  7. Once it's finished, you can reboot without your installation media. Hold down Option (⌥) while booting, then select EFI Boot and press enter.
  8. Welcome to Fedora! :)
  9. Once you're booted and in your desktop, set up Wi-Fi to finish the installation.