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This page is a step by step guide to get fan control working on T2 Macs.

In some Macs, the fan has been found to work out of the box. In such a case the driver is not required until you want to force a certain speed or do some other configuration which can be done by the help of this driver.


  1. Install t2fand.

    • If you're using Arch based distros:

      1. Check if you installed Arch using our guide or added our repositories. If you haven't done that, follow this guide first.

      2. Install the package by running sudo pacman -S t2fand. (Do note that EndeavourOS Cassini Nova R1 already includes t2fand.)

    • If you're using Debian or Ubuntu based distros:

      1. If you don't have t2-ubuntu-repo, follow this first to add the repository.

      2. Install the package by running sudo apt install t2fand.

    • If you're using other distributions:

      1. Clone the repository by running git clone

      2. Change directory into the cloned repository.

      3. Install it by running make install.

  2. Enable daemon by running sudo systemctl enable --now t2fand.

  3. Edit the config and restart the daemon by running sudo systemctl restart t2fand if needed.


The daemons config file can be found at /etc/t2fand.conf. You can change the activating temperature and/or fan curve to suit your needs. For more information, like how fan curves look like, check out the repository.