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This page is a step by step guide to get fan control working on t2 Macs.

In some Macs, the fan has been found to work out of the box. In such a case the driver is not required until you want to force a certain speed or do some other configuration which can be done by the help of this driver.


  1. Clone the repository into a directory of your choice

    git clone
    cd mbpfan
  2. Compile the daemon using make


    This will run a patch script that finds a fan device on your system. You can use its output for debug purposes

  3. Copy mbpfan.conf to /etc with sudo cp mbpfan.conf /etc

  4. Edit the config if needed
  5. Confirm that everything is working by running sudo make tests
  6. If the tests ran successfully, install using sudo make install
  7. Now enable starting at boot

    sudo cp mbpfan.service /etc/systemd/system/
    sudo systemctl enable mbpfan.service
    sudo systemctl daemon-reload
    sudo systemctl start mbpfan.service


The daemons config file can be found at /etc/mbpfan.conf. Uncommenting and setting min_fan1_speed for example will let you force a certain speed. Note that for laptops with a second fan, you need to add min_fan2_speed and max_fan2_speed.