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This page explains how to compile or install linux-mbp-arch kernel and headers on non arch based distros. If you you are on an arch based distro, refer to this section. You may want to put this files into a package, so that you can manage the kernel files with your package manager. There is some guidance about this, but the process is differs between package managers. If you have issues, make sure you are running the commands here with bash.

Before begining, set the directory that you want to install to.

If you want to install the kernel with a package manager:

mkdir pkg

If you want to install to your current system directly (the kernel will not be managed by your package manager):



To compile a kernel with the patches in linux-mbp-arch, run the following commands. You will need your distro's equivalent of these arch packages bc kmod libelf pahole cpio perl tar xz respectively build-essential libncurses-dev libssl-dev flex bison on ubuntu.

git clone
cd linux-mbp-arch
tar -xf $_srcname.tar.xz
make all -jX # change "X" to the number of cpu threads you have.
cd ..
_package # use sudo if installing directly
cd ..
_package-headers # use sudo if installing directly

Extract linux-mbp-arch binary without compiling

You may need to change the version on the first line if linux-mbp-arch has been updated. This all needs to be run with sudo if you are installing directly.

cd $pkgdir
tar -xf linux-mbp-headers-$VER-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst
tar -xf linux-mbp-$VER-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst
rm .MTREE .PKGINFO .BUILDINFO linux-mbp-$VER-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst linux-mbp-headers-$VER-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst

Packaging the kernel

The process for this will depend on which package manager your distro uses. If you installed directly to your filesystem, don't do this.

Debian based systems (apt)

cd $pkgdir
mkdir DEBIAN
cat << EOF > DEBIAN/control
Package: linux-mbp
Version: $pkgver
Architecture: amd64
dpkg -b . linux-mbp.deb
sudo apt install linux-mbp.deb

Arch based systems (pacman)

You do not need to follow the other instructions on this page.

To compile:

git clone
cd linux-mbp-arch
makepkg -si

To install the binary, first make sure you have added aunali1's repo to /etc/pacman.conf. To do this, follow steps 6d-e and 8 from the arch install guide. Then sudo pacman -S linux-mbp linux-mbp-headers