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Installing EndeavourOS on a Mac with the T2 Chip

You will need:

  • USB drive with at least 4GB
  • A way to plug it into your Mac (USB-C isn't USB-A)
  • A wired internet connection (i.e. USB-C to Enternet dongle) or wifi.

  1. Making a partition for Linux.

    1. In macOS Disk Utility, make a partition, format doesn't matter, but pick the amount of space that you want for Linux. You won't be able to resize your APFS partitions from the installer, so you must make space now.
  2. Creating bootable media

    1. Download an installer ISO from here.
    2. Put this image onto a USB stick, follow these instructions on the Arch Wiki.
  3. Disabling secure boot

    1. Follow this article's instructions.
    2. Once in startup security utility, turn secure boot to no security and enable external boot.
  4. Booting the live environment.

    1. Plug the USB in to your computer.
    2. Boot while holding the option key, this will put you in macOS Startup Manager.
    3. Select the orange EFI option with arrow keys and press return/enter on it.
  5. Starting Calamares installer

    1. If you're not connected to the internet, connect to it now. Use included GUI config tool to connect to Wi-Fi.
    2. On the "Welcome" window, choose...

      1. "Install community editions" if you want to install community edition.
      2. "Start the Installer" if you want to install normal edition.
    3. If you chose to install normal edition, choose "Online" or "Offline" depending on your needs.

  6. Follow the installer until Partitions.

    1. Select "Manual partitioning."
    2. Select "/dev/nvme0n1p1" partition, set the "boot" flag, and set it to mount under "/boot/efi" If you want to use separate EFI partition, check out this guide.
    3. Use remaining partition space to your convenience.
  7. Follow the rest of the installer and reboot.

  8. You can follow the Fan guide after rebooting into your install if your fan isn't working or if you want to customize how/when your fan will run.

  9. You now will be able to select your EndeavourOS install in the macOS Startup Manager by holding option at boot.